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ИК-пульт дистанционного управления


24 keys IR controller is with multiple functions, adopt advanced MCU control, used for LEDs luminaires; the controller has 20 modes to choose, low cost, easy wiring, convenient to use; via IR controller, LED lights can be changed the mode, adjusted the speed and brightness, choosen the static colour various dynamic light change effect can be realized.

Technical Parameter

Working voltage 5-12V DC
Working temperature range -20 C-60C
Output 3 channels
Product dimension L62*W35*H23mm
Max. load current 2A/channel
Packing dimension L90*W56*H34mm
Control color type RGB
Weight(gross weight) 70 gram
Max.power 72W
Connection type common anode
Remote distance max.10m
Static power < 1W
Color mode 20 kinds
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